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- syncable music from the north


High North Music is where you can find syncable music from the North – from the up and coming youngsters with the right edge, to more established songwriters, artists and composers.

Keywords are arctic- ambient - epic - sami - dreaming - floating - dark - gloomy - electronic beats - experimental - quirky - Nordic - and, well...spacious!

Whether you are a creative media agency in need for music for your content marketing, or you are a director of a film, looking for the perfect music for that special scene, or for the very best end credits, we can help you. If you need tailor-made music and you are looking for a composer or sound-designer, we can help with that, too.

High North Music was launched in January 2019 and is run by one of the early electronic artist hailing from Tromsø, artist/composer/producer Aggie Frost Peterson.